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Car Wars: Toyota Fortuner VS. Subaru Forester

car wars toyota fortuner vs subaru forrester

Toyota Fortuner


When it comes to convenience and style in travelling, cars are the way to go. There’s nothing like the feeling of cruising down anywhere in the most comfortable way possible. Another thing that makes this great is the companionship you can have while driving. You know the saying, “the more the merrier?” That saying is all the more applicable in this day and age. The thought of being on the road with as many of your family and friends is one of the most fun experiences one can have in their lifetime. All the endless car games, chatters, and other forms of entertainment will surely keep you at your brightest on the road. All that’s left is to choose your ideal vehicle to help you make the most of your on-the-road ventures, whether out of the city or just cruising within the metro.


Well, with what you’re about to read, you’ll definitely absorb the aforementioned phrase even more. With two cars of your choosing, you’re bound to see a battle unfold. Yes, it’s another installment of the ultimate car showdown: Car Wars.


In this installment of the ever-anticipated Car Wars: two cars that specialize in bringing in more people will face off against each other and we shall see, which one of them comes out as the victor in this four-wheeled brawl. That’s right: It’s the Toyota Fortuner facing off against the Subaru Forester.


Essentially, both of these cars are cozy and comfortable in their own respective ways, coupled with some top-notch performances of their own. These cars are sure to bring in the most convenient and spacey experience you crave for in a car. Think about it: you’re planning to go on a road trip with your family, and there are a lot of you that’s going to have to fit in the car. With either of these cars, you’ll be able to pull off the ultimate getaway without removing the comfort factor in your trip.


With that said, it’s time to see which car trumps the other. In this article, you’re about to bear witness to a battle of the greats, an ultimate standoff, and a battle where there is no draw, just one victor.



One of the first things a person looks for in a car is the inside. Though the outside of a car can certainly flaunt its way to a person’s heart and mind, it’s what’s on the inside that really speaks for itself. When a driver looks for a new car, they want to get a feel of how it’s driven, how they can sit in it, and how they can relax in it. Essentially, both of these two cars can deliver, but like all others, each of them has their own qualities that distinguish themselves from one another.


First on the stand: The Toyota Fortuner

This car comes equipped with fabric-upholstered seats, and can seat at least 7 passengers. It also comes with its own mode of entertainment in the form of a console in the front portion of the car. It has an analog variant that enables Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in CD and DVD player, front and rear speakers to ensure that surround-sound feel, a built-in navigation system, and FM/AM radio for those, who wish to listen to music the classical way.


When one talks about comfort and convenience with this car, the Toyota Fortuner comes equipped with cup holders at both the front and rear portions of the vehicle, seats with lumbar support to ensure you relax while you drive, a heater should you find yourself feeling a bit chilly on the road, a vanity mirror for your beautification needs, an on-board computer, and best of all, the option to enter your vehicle without the use of a key, provided that you calibrated your actual car keys with the necessary security protocol.


Next up on the stand: The Subaru Forester

Like the Fortuner, the Forester comes equipped with seats made with a fabric upholstery that are adjustable as well and can seat at least 5 passengers. It also comes, like the Fortuner, with its own mode of entertainment in the form of a console, this time differentiating itself from its competitor as the console is a touchscreen variant. It enables connectivity via USB and Auxiliary input, a built-in CD player, FM/AM radio, and front and rear speakers.


When it comes to comfort and convenience, the Forester Subaru really delivers in this department as well. It comes equipped with front and rear cup holders to keep your beverages safe on the road, a vanity mirror should you need to touch up, a power outlet that lets you charge mobile devices as you drive, and heated seats to help keep you warm on the road.




Now that the battle of the interiors has concluded, it’s time to move on to the next phase of this all-out brawl. So far, the competition between these two cars has been neck-and-neck and with the next round in store, who knows which car will gain more points than the other.


First up: The Subaru Forester

Like every other car that’s shown to the public, the exterior really captures the eyes of any onlooker; and with the Forester showcasing its sleek, modern, and convenient design, your wallet will surely be enticed. For a fierce competitor against the Toyota Fortuner, it’s certainly not meant to be underestimated.


The Subaru Forester can come in a multitude of colors and can sport some massive innovation with its numerous gizmos up its arsenal. It comes with installed Fog Lights to help you see better in times of cloudy lines of sight, headlights to help you see when driving at night, rear lights to help signal other drivers of your turning and parking, wipers both on the rear and at the front of the car, chrome grille, and a roof rail to help hold your bags if you decide to travel on the road. Its rear-view mirrors are also power-adjusted so you can ensure 100% visibility from behind.


Next up: The Toyota Fortuner

For this car, the Toyota Fortuner comes equipped with a power-adjusted rear view mirror, headlights that shine bright enough for pedestrians to see in the dark (these are adjustable as well), rear lights to help ensure an accident-free zone when making a turn, an integrated antenna, a roof rail like its competitor, wipers on both the front and rear of the car, and a side stepper that helps people enter the car with no delay. Also, like its competitor, the Toyota Fortuner can come in a multitude of colors to add to that wow factor.




Now for the final round of this battle, let’s go ahead and inspect their engines. As of this point, the competition between these cars is stiff and intense. However, the time when a victor emerges from the battle is near.


Both of these cars utilize a 4-cylinder engine with different setups for each car. For the Toyota Fortuner, it comes equipped with a 6-speed gear box, a CRDi fuel supply system that’s able to hold at least 80L of Diesel, and a DOHC valve configuration. AS for the Subaru Forester, it comes with a Variable Speed gear box, a fuel supply system, which injects 60L of Petrol to power the car, and like its competitor, a DOHC valve configuration.


The time has come for a victor to emerge. The victor among them has truly triumphed in many aspects such as performance, technical, and better yet, capacity. And that victor is none other than the Toyota Fortuner!


With the ability to seat more people in their stead and go forth in any environment, there is no doubt that the Toyota Fortuner deserves this spot. Congratulations are also in order to its competitor for putting up a valiant fight. Truly, this has been a battle for the times.


With these two cars, companionship has never felt so comfortable. So, if it were up to you, which of them would you choose?

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