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The Toyota Innova: Philippine’s Finest

Imagine you and your family going on a vacation out of town. Due to budget constraints, you were only able to rent out a small car, like a Toyota Innova in the Philippines. The thing is, you are going to be away for one whole week and there are 5 members of your family – which means you need additional space for all your bags and essentials like food, toiletries, and even some games and music for the kids to enjoy along the way.

The day of your trip comes – and there is nothing but disappointment on your kids’ faces upon seeing the shoebox of a sedan that you rented. You have no other choice; you push through with the long drive anyway. You arrive at your destination feeling stiff and suffocated because you were all cramped up inside the car for hours. The return trip would be just as uncomfortable, with you and your family not feeling good, instead of enjoying the trip.

Do you want this disastrous scenario to happen to your family in real life? We don’t think so.

We in Toyota know this, so we built an MPV that would be fit for all of your family’s needs, especially when it comes to travelling in the Philippines – the Toyota Innova! As the frontrunner in the automotive industry, we know that you and your loved ones deserve nothing but the best, as Toyota has provided some of the best family vehicles over the past few decades. The Toyota Innova is something that you would surely love, considering the fact that it is very functional and convenient to use.

Aside from comfort and style, the Toyota Innova has a lot more to offer. Want to know more? Read on!


The Toyota Innova: A Short History

The Innova is a compact multi-purpose vehicle or MPV manufactured by Toyota Motors in Indonesia. It was first put out on the market in 2004 in Indonesia with the name Toyota Kijang Innova; the name ‘Innova’ was adapted by other countries. It is sold in various countries in Asia such as India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Brunei, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE and of course, the Philippines. It is also available in South Africa and Australia.

Back in 2005, when it was first released in the Philippines, the Toyota Innova was first seen as a replacement for the popular Toyota Revo – which was one of the most popular Toyota vehicles in the country. The goal was to make the vehicle visible to the international market. Local variants include the J, E, G, and V. In the recent years, the Toyota Innova in the Philippines is being used as metered taxicabs around the cities of Metro Manila, service and company vehicles for businesses, and even as patrol cars for the Philippine National Police. Moreover, it has become a family favorite because it’s the ideal vehicle for long drives and out-of-town trips. In addition, it has the right amount of space for all the things that you need to bring from point A to point B

The Toyota Innova has undergone a number of facelifts over the years. It went through its first major overhaul in 2009 in Indonesia, when the front and rear bumpers, front grilles and rear tail lamps were redesigned. Parking sensors and an in-dash CD changer were also added. This model was first made available in East Asia and the Middle East

In 2012, the first facelift for the Philippine Toyota Innova took place. This design boasted a redesigned bumper, headlights, and taillights. In 2014, the Innova went through another makeover – this time, a front bumper and tailgate were added. A new color was also introduced for the E, G, and V variants – the dark metallic brown. GPS navigation was added to the V model’s features.

The new 2020 Innova has improved the popular model even further. Bolstering a new and improved exterior that makes it sleeker, and new technology that would address your entertainment and information needs. With the model’s popularity in various Asian regions, expect the Innova to continue getting improved to ensure people that they would be getting the best MPV in the market.


What Makes the Toyota Innova Stand Out?

If you are looking for a car that offers comfort and stability in one package, then the Toyota Innova is for you! Its redesigned rear tailgate spices things up even more, and the one that makes this car the ultimate deal is its improved interior and exterior features. It’s a 5-seater car with enough leg room that manages to keep passengers comfortable even while driving on bumpy roads. The front grille is what also makes the Innova truly stand out – it makes a bold statement and adds to the car’s unique style.


What does the Toyota Innova have to offer?

The Toyota Innova is a vehicle that has a lot to offer in such an affordable package, and we want to make sure that we have your needs covered. When it comes to picking the right color, the Innova comes in a good variety of colors, which include the White Pearl, Silver Metallic, Freedom White, Red Mica, Blue Mica, Blackish Red, Black, and Alumina Jade. All these colors would give your Innova a great sense of style.

All current variants have a 2.0 liter engine which comes in unleaded. When it comes to transmission, the Innova comes in automatic and manual, with the option of sequential control, and 5 and 6 speed shifting. There is also a diesel variant if you are looking to spend less on gas money. The diesel variant comes in a 2.8 liter engine, with options like Variable Nozzle Turbocharger with Intercooler. For transmission, the diesel variant also comes in 5 and 6 speed options. Both variants give you the right amount of power to get you by during each trip that you will make.

For the exterior, the Innova has a sleek and sporty look that would make it stand out from the crowd. The grille and bumpers are lined with chrome, which gives it a bit more shine and flash. The LED lighting not only makes sure that you will be able to see the road clearly, but also remain energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The interior of the Innova is the right combination of comfort and style as it has all the things you need during those long drives. The seats provide the driver and the passengers a great amount of space to feel comfortable. The seatbelts ensure you that you would be safe during every single journey. For more of your road safety needs, the Innova is equipped with airbags that will deploy accordingly.

At the back, the Innova has a space that is vast enough to keep all the things you need during your trips, while also having the option of removable seats to accommodate more space. Along with the comfortable seats and spacious interior, the dashboard has some new and exciting additions as well. All your entertainment needs can now be accessed, thanks to the new 7-inch LED screen which controls your in-car entertainment system. The console is complete with HDMI input, and web-browsing to keep you informed while on the road. For your food and beverage needs, the seats are equipped with cup holders and flip-up tray tables to make sure that you would not make a mess during those long trips.

With all these options, the Innova is definitely a family vehicle package that you will enjoy. With the best mix of performance and style, you are sure to get the best out of your money.

What Are the Highlights of the Toyota Innova’s Performance?

The Toyota Innova is an MPV like no other. It is very versatile and is built for everyday driving and out-of-town adventures. You can be sure of the quality of its engine, as well as its performance on the road. It has passed the world-renowned standards that are set by Toyota in terms of safety and engine efficiency, plus it is also economical. Its 2.5-liter D-4D common rail turbo diesel engine pulls remarkably well. And hey, who wouldn’t want a vehicle with a good fuel efficiency system?

The Toyota Innova works like a well-oiled machine – you don’t have to worry about glitches while you’re out on the road! Not only you are getting a reliable engine that performs well, you also would no longer have to worry about spending too much on gas money.

Both models have enough power to sustain drivers for those bad traffic situations and enough power to get them to their destination fast. The ride itself would be so smooth that they won't even feel the rough, unpaved road or potholes along the way – all thanks to the solid suspension. Additionally, with the comfortable and roomy interior, you are guaranteed that you would not feel cramped as well.


What Makes People Love the Toyota Innova?

People are always on the lookout for whatever fits in their budget. For this reason, the Toyota Innova became a bestseller from the moment it was first launched in the Philippines. It embodies practicality and innovation – with its features being perfectly suitable for family use. It is also one of the main choices for taxi companies and various services across the country.

People love it because it solves their problem of looking for the perfect family and business car, plus it gives buyers their money’s worth. Aside from the aesthetics, owners are satisfied with its overall performance that literally takes them to places. With every facelift that the Toyota Innova goes through, sales have nowhere else to go but up. This is good news for those people who are still considering on buying one because they would be certain of the car’s quality, whatever the variant that they would choose.

Over the years, the Toyota Innova has received generally positive reviews from buyers and owners. With the demand for affordable and reliable family vehicles increasing as each year goes by, the Innova aims to remain a popular choice amongst aspiring buyers.


How Much Does a Toyota Innova in the Philippines Cost?

The Toyota Innova’s cost ranges from Php 852,000 to 1.25 M. You can pick from the wide array of choices of Innovas, depending on the combination of features that you would prefer. All packages would provide you the best value for your money and make sure that you got the right vehicle for the job. The Toyota Innova is considered to be one of the most affordable MPVs in the country, so you surely won’t regret your purchase because it will never fail to deliver!


Where Can I Buy a Toyota Innova in the Philippines?

With over 40 dealerships spread across the country, finding and buying a Toyota Innova in the Philippines won’t be a problem. In Metro Manila alone, there are 17 dealerships. You can find these in the following locations:


Why would a Toyota Innova Go on Sale?

The Toyota Innova is already a great find for the typical Filipino family because of its affordability. But who says it can never get any less expensive? Toyota Motors Philippines wants everyone to experience the convenience that the Innova offers, so they launch promos from time to time. Like in the present year, one million limited-edition Toyota Innovas were up for grabs! With the growing popularity of this car, expect more promos in the future!

The Toyota Innova is a vehicle that never disappoints anyone. With its superb performance, you can surely count on it whatever your adventures may be, or wherever you and your family choose to go!

  1. Abad Santos
  2. Alabang
  3. Balintawak
  4. Bicutan
  5. Commonwealth
  6. Cubao
  7. Fairview
  8. Global City
  9. Makati
  10. Manila Bay
  11. Marikina
  12. North-Edsa
  13. Otis
  14. Pasig
  15. Pasong Tamo
  16. Quezon Avenue
  17. Shaw

Outside of Metro Manila, the list is even longer, with 37 branches (at the time of the publishing of this article) to be exact. This number can only be seen growing in the future. A list of 37 branches may be too long for this page so, instead, visit our dealers’ page. Here you will find the complete list of all our dealers in the country along with their direct lines and addresses. Toyota dealerships are present for all your needs and inquiries.

Why Would a Toyota Innova Go on Sale?

The Toyota Innova in the Philippines is already a great find for the typical Filipino family because of its affordability. Who says it can never get any less expensive? Toyota Motors Philippines wants everyone to experience the convenience that the Innova offers, so they launch promos from time to time. Like in the present year, one million limited-edition Toyota Innovas were up for grabs! With the growing popularity of this car, expect more promos in the future!

The Toyota Innova, for the Philippines, is a vehicle that never disappoints anyone. With its superb performance, you can surely count on it whatever your adventures may be, or wherever you and your friends and family choose to go! Not only that, there are also other cars that will surely deliver to your standards such as the Toyota Fortuner Philippines and the Toyota Wigo Philippines. If you fancy any of them, feel free to click their respective links!

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