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4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Family Car

January 11th, 2016


Family excursions are better enjoyed when you eliminate the hassle of commute. Public transportation has the ability to dampen someone’s high spirits. After all, it’s never fun to transfer from one vehicle to another while carrying several bags all at the same time. If you have experienced this before and don’t want to experience it again, then it’s time to buy a family car.


Whether you’re going on a long trip to Batangas or just going to the mall, a family car is surely helpful. The good news is several international car manufacturers have established their branches locally. This means that there are so many high quality cars to choose from. For instance, the Toyota Fortuner in the Philippines can be an advantageous family car, what with its size and features. But before you choose a family car though, make sure to consider a few things carefully first.


Enough Space

fortuner interior

One of the most important things to consider before buying a family car is space. It’s essential that you choose a car that has loads of space especially if you have a big family. A big space will also allow you to fit more things in your car aside from your family. Like for example, you want to bring your pets with you, a spacious car will allow you to do that.


Sliding and Wide-Opening Doors

Before choosing a car to buy, check the doors first. Do they open wide? If you are buying a car for family use, consider purchasing one that has doors that opens wide. This will enable you to get your younger children in and out of the car easily even if you are pretty tall. If you have elderly relatives who have difficulty getting in and out of the car as well, this can also be helpful.

toyota door handle

If you can’t find a great car with wide-opening doors, you should consider buying a car with sliding doors instead. This might offer you an easier entry to the car especially if you’re in a small or crowded parking lot.



toyota safety sense

Probably the most important factor to consider when purchasing a family car is safety. Make sure to choose a car that has safety features that are up-to-date. Does the car have airbags and blind spot monitoring systems? These are important safety issues to mull over before making a decision.


Child-Friendly Features

If you have children in the family, then it’s best to look for a car that has child-friendly features. For instance, check if there are cup holders not only for the driver, but for the kids situated in the back seat as well. Cars with sun blinds and tinted windows will allow your children to have a comfortable nap time during day time.

kids in car

When it comes to the car’s interior, choose dark colors instead of light. This will help camouflage the inevitable stains caused by spills inside the car. Also, consider buying a car with leather seats so that when your kids spill something on the seats, you can just wipe it down. Lastly, for older children, consider cars with plug sockets so they can entertain themselves during long travels with their electronic devices.


Make your family outings memorable and fun by making sure that you have a comfortable transit to and from your chosen destination. This is possible if you have a family car. However, before you buy one, make sure to consider the factors listed above.


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