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Car Wars: Toyota Rav4 VS. Honda CR-V



In the world today, most people use cars as their primary mode of transportation – regardless of their variants (even some public transportation, such as jeepneys and buses can be considered as a type of car/vehicle).


However, when it comes to owning cars (or wishing to own cars), the ideal factors one must consider are space, comfort, efficiency, and endurance. Luckily, most of the vehicles produced in modern times embody all of these, making them really attractive to drivers and passengers alike.


With that being said, the time has finally come to feature the Toyota Rav4 and the Honda CRV in the latest installment of our car comparison article entitled “Car Wars!”


For this piece, you can expect these two cars to compete head-to-head to prove which one of them can beat the other. As you all know by now, this will be a close fight, especially considering both of them can deliver the aforementioned factors; therefore, catering to the needs of the drivers and the passengers. However, as with any other battle, only one true victor can emerge.


Are you ready to find out which car will win? Then, let this battle commence!




For the first round, these two cars will show off what they have on the inside. As with everything else about cars in general, one of the things that make it count is the interior.


Toyota Rav4

Like any four-wheeled vehicle, there’s always the concept of comfort and convenience on the inside; both of which can ensure that the driver and the passengers can get most of what they bargained for with every drive – and the Toyota Rav4 is up for that challenge!


For starters, this car comes equipped with powerful air conditioning, power windows in the front and back, a heater, adjustable seats that also cater to height, automatic headlights, an accessory outlet, cup and bottle holders, a vanity mirror, front and rear speakers, and an entertainment modem that allows for Bluetooth connectivity, FM/AM radio, auxiliary inputs, and a CD player.


Another thing that the Rav4 can boast about is that it allows the driver to enter without a key, provided that they make necessary modifications in terms of security and identification. Now, that’s state-of-the-art for you!


Honda CRV

This car makes a great competitor for the Toyota Rav4 in many ways. For instance, while it boasts the same interior aspects as its competitor, it has its own unique additions, such as the option to start and stop your engine with a push of a button, automatic climate control, heated seats, seats with lumbar support, and its own entertainment modem that not only allows the same things as the Rav4’s modem can do, but also has an exclusive feature that allows touch screen access – which makes it user-friendly!


Both of these cars also come equipped with fabric upholstery in their seats, which ensures that it stays protected from the heat of the sun. Also, they both come equipped with enough space that’s able to accommodate at least five passengers in their stead.


During this round of the battle, both of these cars are neck-in-neck. With that much intensity in store, it’s time to set the stage for the next round: The Battle of the Exteriors!




In this round, we’ll be assessing each vehicle based on what they offer and how they perform in the exterior aspect. As with any other vehicle, one of the first things to appreciate when looking at a car is how they look on the outside.


Without further ado, let’s delve in on their respected features.


Honda CRV

As mentioned before, this car is a great competitor against the Toyota Rav4, as it offers just as many attributes as its counterpart. In terms of exterior offerings, the CRV comes equipped with fog lights at the front, wipers in both the front and rear portions, a defogger for the rear portion, alloy wheels, a sunroof, an integrated antenna, chrome grille, a remote fuel lid opener, and adjustable headlights. Also, like with other cars, it also comes equipped with various color schemes to suit the eyes of many.


Toyota Rav4

While the CRV can certainly show off what it offers on the outside, the Toyota Rav4 can certainly deliver just as much. For instance, while it boasts what the CRV has, it also comes equipped with its own unique feature such as a power adjustable exterior rear-view mirror, a rear spoiler, and an outside rear view mirror turn indicator. Also, like with other cars of this caliber, it comes equipped with various color schemes to suit the eyes of many enthusiasts.


Certainly, this battle has heightened the intensity with every twist and turn. It’s now time to go into our final round: Engine Performance.


04_engine performance

Engine Performance

When it comes to determining the best car to get or to use, it’s always best to check a car’s engine performance. After all, the winner of this battle should have the better engine performance than the other.


Toyota Rav4

Driving this car can be as smooth as you want it to be, especially with the engine it comes equipped with. In this case, the Toyota Rav4 has a 4-cylinder engine with a fuel capacity of 60L of Petrol and 178hp.


Honda CRV

As for the Honda CRV, this vehicle has an engine unit of 4-cylinders with a fuel capacity of 53L of Diesel and power of at least 190hp. You could say that it is truly a powerful engine. But is it enough to beat its competitor?


With that being said, it’s now time to find out which car won this battle; it’s finally time to choose a victor!



The Verdict

Though it may have been a close match, the Toyota Rav4 wins this match by a hair! While the Honda CRV may have proved to be a worthy competitor, the Rav4 lands the crown due to the performance of its engine and fuel capacity, making your driving experience comfortable and convenient.


This concludes this latest edition of Car Wars! Remember, if you’re looking for great space and comfort at their best, then the Rav4 is definitely for you!


If you wish to see more battles like this, be sure to stay tuned for the next one!

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