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Car Wars: Toyota Camry vs Hyundai Genesis


car wars Toyota camry versus hyundai genesis

We here at Toyota strongly believe that drivers should be equipped with the best vehicle that perfectly fits their lifestyles. In this episode of CAR WARS, we return to a previous champion, the iconic mid-sized luxury sedan: The Toyota Camry. In its debut match, the Camry went head on collision with its Honda counterpart, the Accord. Despite the heavily analyzed minimal differences between the two luxury sedans, the Toyota Camry wound up taking the win by virtue of its more powerful engine capacity.

In this installment of the CAR WARS franchise, the Camry makes a triumphant return to go neck and neck with Hyundai’s new luxury sub-brand, the Genesis. World class Japanese manufacturing will be pit against Korean ingenuity and innovation. Fasten your seatbelts and buckle up because this match is going to be a tight one.


ROUND ONE: Style, Luxury, Formidability, and Exterior Design

In terms of both overall design and driving capacity, luxury sedans are majestic and graceful yet incredibly powerful automobiles. With all the landmark luxury sedans that have come and gone throughout the last half-century, many have served as key players in setting the future’s standards for space, design, and speed, while many others have just conformed to various trends and have just faded away –forgotten without leaving any significant imprints to the luxury sports car aesthetic.


The Hyundai Genesis (G90) definitely exudes a certain and unmistakably distinct athletic panache which is best exemplified and literally embodied with its winged Genesis badge and gigantic grille at the front of the car. Along with the 19-inch wheels, the Genesis permeates a design structure that oozes of sophisticated confidence.

Taking a look at the Toyota Camry’s latest model equivalent (the Camry XSE) to the Hyundai Genesis, the powerful shape is breathtakingly captivating in the most fundamental sense of the word.  The same design elements that have made the Camry such a recognizable force in the luxury car industry since the 1980s have been extemporized with its muscular shape, blends of sweeping curves, chiseled surfaces, side rocket panels, and integrated rear spoiler.

The Camry XSE is the revitalized spirit of the sleek modern-day luxury sports car –emphasizing Power. Style. Authority.

ROUND TWO: Elegance, Functionality, and Interiors

One of the most alluring aspects to owning and having a luxury sedan is the palatial driving and passenger experience that it has to offer.

Hyundai Genesis Interior

The Hyundai Genesis has luxurious interiors that consist of Nappa leather upholstery, heated and ventilated seats and a power-adjustable heated steering wheel. The space that the Genesis G90 has to provide can make even Andre the Giant feel comfortable. The Genesis comes with a 12.3-inch multimedia and navigation system along with two 9.2-inch monitors with integrated control dials for rear occupants, and a multi-view camera. The real wood and metal accents wonderfully tie together the car’s opulence.

The Camry’s interior includes a panoramic roof with front power tilt/slide moonroof and Cockpit Red leather trimmed seats. The interiors are fit with first rate finishes and textures. The meticulous blend of colors and materials give the interiors a trimmed and vibrant look. Practicality and stylishness are unrivaled when it comes to the Camry’s attention to detail and love for tradition.

It’s also important to note that the Camry has a driver-focused design that is all about you. Everything from the multimedia touchscreens to the wide and inviting sensations that you get when sitting in the car perfectly synergizes the universal driver’s intuition with the car itself -mind and machine.

ROUND THREE: Engine and Overall Performance

It is a mistake to think that luxury sedans are primarily centered on car design. The power and prestige that these vehicles carry is deeply-etched under the hood and through performance capacity.

The Genesis has a 5.0-liter GDI Tau V8 engine with 425 horsepower and 519 Nm that gives the car its athletic prowess. The eight-speed automatic transmission with Shiftronic delivers a first-rate driving performance. The smooth yet powerful ride gives the Hyundai Genesis a unique and thrilling luxury driving experience.

With a new 2.5L 4-cylinder engine and improved V6 engine, the Toyota Camry delivers a mind altering and sophisticated blend of both performance and efficiency. Both the engines utilize the D-4S direct injection system which selects the optimal injection method based on driving conditions to pack a powerful punch.

The Camry comes with three distinct available drive modes (ECO, Normal, Sport) to give you even more control of your driving, engine performance, and fuel practicality. The Sport Mode indulges you with sharper and more cutthroat acceleration rates. The ECO Mode beautifully mixes fuel economy with performance.

And the triumphant victory goes to…

Luxury sedans have some of the highest standards when it comes to car design, manufacturing, and production.

This was definitely a tight and closely-knit match between two of the world’s most current and outstanding luxury sedans. But with all things put into deep consideration, the objective winner is … The Toyota Camry!

Virtually every element of both cars is evenly matched in their high-regard to standard and innovation. Both cars are unique in their individual and sporty appeal and are towering in terms of their entertainment systems and fine craftsmanship. But when adhering to a critical mind frame, it’s always important to look at the larger picture, and draw fine distinctions when it comes to refining our analyses.

Besides all the standard features and minimal differences, the Toyota Camry wins due to its practicality and fuel efficiency aspects. The Camry offers an exceptional highway driving range on a single tank.

The Hyundai Genesis prides itself on being aggressive and heart-stopping in all of its aspects, but at the same time, it’s somewhat awkward (and forced) harmonization with lustrous and elegant luxury gives you the sense of their slight hesitation when it purports to be a thrilling tour de force of a luxury car.

The Toyota Camry embraces the waves of the future while staying true to all the classic and timeless elements of the world’s best luxury automobiles. Making even the latest model an instant classic!

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