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Car Wars: Toyota FJ Cruiser vs Jeep Wrangler

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Nowadays, numerous people around the country engage in different hobbies to fill their time. In fact, any hobby can take you anywhere you want, especially when it comes to the outdoors. Speaking of the outdoors, it’s always important that your vehicle, such as a Toyota FJ Cruiser, comes equipped with all the essentials you’ll need to conquer any terrain that gets you to where you’re going.


With that said, it’s time for another showdown between two vehicles that deliver just what you want to the table. It’s time for the next installment of Car Wars!


In this battle, we’ll be shining the spotlight on two cars that deliver more than off-road performance, stunning aesthetics, and fantastic interior advancements in terms of comfort and convenience. This clash will surely come to a head with a decisive blow.


The competitors for this showdown are none other than the Toyota FJ Cruiser and the Jeep Wrangler. Both of these cars have similar features, all of which can guarantee enticement on your part.


Without further ado, it’s now time to get the first round of this showdown started!





You must have heard that when it comes to cars, it’s always important to consider what’s on the inside aside from the exterior. After all, while the outside can surely stun any eye that catches sight of it, there’s nothing more important than what the inside can offer.


In this round, both cars will showcase what they have in their arsenal, with each factor being determined as a huge asset in each of their gears. With that said, it’s time to introduce the first competitor: the Toyota FJ Cruiser!


Toyota FJ Cruiser

This particular car is one of Toyota’s most unique offerings. Besides the fact that its size and dimensions can entice any outdoor-lover and city-cruiser (hence, part of its name), its features in terms of performance and entertainment can certainly deliver to meet every driver’s standards. This car comes equipped with a powerful air conditioning unit, power windows at the front, a heater, adjustable seats, an accessory power outlet, power steering, a remote trunk opener, a warning system in case fuel supplies run low, a remote trunk opener, cup and bottle holders, and a trunk light in case things in your rear aren’t exactly viewable.


When it comes to anything having to do with comfort and entertainment, the FJ Cruiser definitely does not disappoint as it comes with its own on-board computer that can be used by both drivers and passengers alike. This computer comes with Bluetooth connectivity, a CD player, an input system for USB and Auxiliary-based devices, and powerful speakers at the front and rear to ensure that music-loving drivers and passengers can have their favorite tunes blasting out to them at full-volume!


Truly, there isn’t a single instance of disappointment when it comes to this car; but how about its competitor, the Jeep Wrangler?


Jeep Wrangler

This particular car is a product of a brand that’s been around for at least half a century, meaning that Jeep has had its fair share of knowledge when it comes to history and automobiles. With their current incarnation of the Wrangler, devoted fans of this car need not worry about any major changes as this vehicle has managed to keep the classic vibe, as well as some upgrades here and there.


Speaking of upgrades, this car comes equipped with air conditioning, power windows at the front, air quality control, a heater, the capacity to start the engine with a simple press of a button, adjustable seats, an accessory power outlet, power steering, a steering wheel with numerous functions built-in, a remote trunk opener, a warning system in case fuel supplies run low, cup and bottle holders, and a built-in vanity mirror. Not only that, it also comes with its own on-board computer that enables Bluetooth connectivity, FM/AM radio, CD and DVD playing, an input system for USB and Auxiliary-based devices, and speakers at the front and rear.

Also, both of these cars come with their respective upholstery for their seats, with the Cruiser offering fabric-upholstered seats and the Wrangler with leather seats. Either way, you’ll be able to drive in style and comfort.





When it comes to the exterior, there are definitely features will more than meet your eye. This round will especially focus on them and how each of these vehicles showcases them on their respective surfaces. With that being said, it’s now time for your eyes to feast on what they can see!


Jeep Wrangler


The Jeep Wrangler does not only boast of its interior features, but also those that can be found on the outside. You could say that it was made to be ogled at.

This car comes equipped with fog lights at the front, a manually-adjustable rear-view mirror, wipers on its front and rear portions, rain-sensing capabilities, window defoggers, alloy wheels, a power antenna, a side stepper, chrome grille, a roof rail, adjustable headlights, and a chrome garnish for all the satisfaction you can get!


Toyota FJ Cruiser


Toyota has been one of the biggest names in the automobile industry, and with good reason; not only do they deliver in terms of affordability and versatility in cost and performance respectively, but it also ensures that whoever sets their sights on this magnificent vehicle will fall in love at first sight!


For those of youwho love to focus on key details, here are some of the features that the FJ Cruiser has under its belt. This car comes with front fog lights, a power-adjustable rear-view mirror, window wipers on its front and rear, alloy wheels, a power antenna, a side stepper, adjustable headlights, an outside rear-view mirror turn indicator, and a chrome grille to ensure all the satisfaction you can get.

Truly, this is a vehicle that could not disappoint you!






As with other cars, one of their most important aspects in general is their engine performance. After all, it’s what makes driving accessible in the first place.

For instance, the Toyota FJ cruiser’s engine comes equipped with various features such as it containing 6-cylinders instead of the usual 4, which gives it power that amounts to 68hp and a torque of 380Nm. Also, its engine enables the vehicle to store at least 72L of Petrol, which means it is being given the extra juices it needs to go the extra mile.


On the other hand, the Jeep Wrangler’s engine comes equipped with a 4-cylinder engine, which provides it the power that amounts 285hp and a torque of at least 347Nm. Plus, it can store at least 72L of Petrol as well, which is very similar to its counterpart.




One of the most important aspects when it comes to owning a car of your own is none other than security. With numerous crimes committed involving automobiles, you can never be too sure with the safety of your own car. Thus, this makes the practice of caution all the more important.


Luckily, both of these cars deliver in that department very well. For instance, they both come with built-in anti-theft systems, central locking, and engine immobilizers, all of which ensures that your car stays as secure as it can be as well as makes would-be thieves think twice about stealing your car.

The Verdict

05_the verdict

This battle has been one of the 


most heated ones to date. Both of these cars were worthy competitors of their names, each of them has a set of unique skills and features that truly trump the competition.

Ultimately, only one victor must be named; and that would be…the Toyota FJ Cruiser!


This car has triumphed above the Wrangler in one of the most important aspects in a car, which is their engine performance. While the Wrangler definitely showcased what it can offer, the FJ Cruiser trumps it in this particular facet of wanting to drive through tumultuous terrains. So, if you’re looking for the perfect car that is ready for some wild rides, then this car is definitely for you!

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