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Car Wars: Toyota Innova VS. Honda Mobilio

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When it comes to traveling or simply just cruising down the road, the number of people you bring along for the road won’t really matter. As long as you have the right vehicle for the job, then you will have nothing to worry about in the capacity department.


With that said, it is time to set the stage once again for this week’s installment of one of the most intense automobile brawls to date: Car Wars. For this battle, the contenders namely the Toyota Innova and the Honda Mobilio, will both be taking the stage as they are both vehicles specializing in the vast space and accommodations. Though they each may have almost the exact same features, like all past car wars and those yet to come, only one will emerge unscathed and victorious.


These car gladiators will engage in a duel unlike any other. Both will be showing off their capabilities in all aspects of machinery – from the exterior, interior, to the engine performance. The victor who will have made the cut on all of these aspects will then be granted the utmost bragging rights to surely be proud of. So, without further ado, let the battle begin!



The Contenders

This battle has never been so intense as before as two vehicles are about to clash and cause a shockwave of automobile madness. Both of these vehicles cater to bringing in as many people as they can for the ride while maintaining the performance they are well-known for.


In the right corner, gracing the stage is Toyota’s very own Innova variant. This car is perfect for those wishing to bring others along for the road and is also great for both out-of-town trips and just cruising down the city on late nights. In addition, its sleek and convenient design can make any driver or passenger wish they had this car in their garage.


On the other side of the arena stands its counterpart – the Honda Mobilio. While its size in terms of weight and height is a bit up to par with the Innova, its vast space and other interior accommodations are surely this car’s trump card.


These cars will definitely have an intense brawl ahead of them. Before a victor is to be decided among the two, it’s time to deliberate each contender with their several unique aspects. It’s time to see which car trumps the other starting with the first round: the interior.





When it comes to looking at cars, it’s not just the outside that counts, but what’s inside as well. When driving a new car, you have to make sure that whatever’s inside your car meets your standards – especially in terms of comfort, convenience, and a lot of entertainment.


First to take the stand: The Toyota Innova.


For a massive car like this, drivers and passengers are sure to enjoy what the interior feels like. In this case, people who drive this love the feel of its adjustable fabric-upholstered seats that can also seat up to 7 passengers and the leather steering wheel it is equipped with. Not to mention its air conditioning unit that can surely cool even the hottest of temperatures.


While the seats and what else comes with it are great indicators of what the interior can offer, it is also a great boost when one looks at the vehicle’s modem and other consoles. For instance, the Innova comes with a modem that allows for Bluetooth connectivity and FM/AM radio, an outlet that allows for USB and auxiliary inputs, a CD player, speakers in both the front and rear portions, an outlet that allows for your mobile-charging needs, an onboard computer, and most of all, the option to enter your vehicle without a key – provided that you calibrate your vehicle’s system with the necessary security details.


Next to take the stand: The Honda Mobilio.


The striking difference between this car and its opponent is its size. Though a bit smaller than the Innova, the Mobilio does have something to boast about. For instance, this car’s interior comes with fabric-upholstered seats, which like its rival, can be adjusted for anyone’s convenience and can seat at least 7 passengers. Mobilio’s air conditioning unit can certainly compete with the Innova as it can also cool down your car when the weather is hot. As for the entertainment aspect, it also comes with a modem that allows for USB and auxiliary input, FM/AM radio, speakers in the front portion of the car, an onboard computer, and an option to enter your vehicle without a key with the proper security modifications in place.


So far, this round has brought on the intensity of this war; but more has yet to come. With that said, here comes the next round: the cars’ exterior.





Now that the battle of the interiors has been concluded, it’s time to focus on what these cars can do when looked at from the outside. So far, both of these cars are still in the running in becoming the winner of this battle – but only when the battle concludes will a victor be decided.


First off: The Honda Mobilio.


Aside from its interior, this car’s exterior can certainly hold its own in a battle of ease as it comes equipped with items of driving convenience and comfort. For example, it comes with your classic headlights that can be adjusted and wipers to prevent your obstruction of view while driving in the night or in the rain. It also comes with a metallic finish that allows anyone to gape their jaws in awe, as well as its magnificent color schemes and palletes.


When it comes to other aspects of the exterior portion, this car does not disappoint. Aside from flashing its sleek and modern design, it also comes equipped with an integrated antenna, power windows, and wheel covers to ensure their protection from harmful elements when they are not in use.


Next up: The Toyota Innova.


This car can certainly put up a fight with the exterior department as it boasts almost the exact same gizmos that its opponent has. For instance, this car comes with wheel covers, adjustable headlights, wipers in times of rain, power windows, and of course, its various finishes and color schemes depending on your stylish flair.


The decision of a victor among the two vehicles draws near. Now it is time to move on to the final round: the engine.




This round will be the deciding factor of which one of these spacious, stylish, and stunning vehicles will win and take home the crown. As with any other form of machinery, the engine will be the one to decide its overall factor and impact on a person.


Both of these cars run on Petrol fuel and can go as far as their engines can take them. For the Innova, it comes equipped with a 2L, 4-cylinder, in line 16-valve, and a Double Overhead Camshaft engine. Additionally, the Innova comes with a 10kmpl mileage for its petrol variant – which enables it to go as far as it can.


As for the Mobilio, it comes equipped with a 4-cylinder, Chain Drive, SOHC I-VTEC engine and it also has a mileage of 17kmpl – enabling it to go further than its opponent.


Another thing about these cars’ engines is that since they both run on Petrol, their fuel storing capacity is also vastly different from one another: with the Innova being able to store at least 55L of fuel and the Mobilio is able to store 42L of fuel.



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The Verdict

This segment has seen its fair shares of battles and clashes between these two automobiles, but none has ever been as intense as this. With that said, it’s finally time to choose a winner.


Though the Mobilio may have had an edge on the Innova when it came to the engine, the Innova still comes up on top as its various features, amenities, and space make it the ideal car for you and your passengers to take a drive around. Additionally, the Toyota Innova can store up more gasoline than the Honda Mobilio which makes it more practical in terms of saving up your gasoline and money.


Once again, this battle is now over. If you are looking for the perfect car for your traveling and cruising needs with your friends and family, then Toyota Innova is definitely for you.

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