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Car Wars: Toyota Avanza vs Mitsubishi Adventure

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By now, you may have heard that driving a big car – like the Toyota Avanza – promotes the concept of “the more, the merrier;” and in many cases and instances, it’s definitely true. Just imagine those times where you would just cruise down the streets with your music blaring out loud. Now imagine doing this again with a bunch of people along for the ride. Exciting, right? Like most things, all you’ll need is the right stuff, which in this case is the right car, in your arsenal.


With that said, it’s time to set the stage for another installment of one of the most awaited and heated battles of all time. That’s right! It’s time to bear witness to another war between two cars – both of which are ready to take home the crown!


01_the combatants

The Combatants


In this installment of Car Wars, two combatants will grace the arena to face each other. Both will be having a few tricks up their sleeves and showcasing their most valuable assets. Admittedly, these two cars are very similar to each other as they both boast their size and a vast amount of space, making your driving adventures as comfortable as possible.


It’s now time to introduce our competitors: the Toyota Avanza and the Mitsubishi Adventure.


As mentioned before, both of these cars have something to show off, both in quantity and especially in quality; and with all that they have in store, it’s no doubt that this battle will be a heated one.





To get this battle started, it’s time to commence the first round! As beautiful and stunning a car looks outside, it’s really what’s inside that counts the most; and with that, the ‘Interior’ round has begun!


Toyota Avanza


One of Toyota’s biggest names in their brand, the Avanza is a car with numerous tricks up its sleeve. Driving in this car can definitely bring you ultimate bliss and can ensure you a smooth drive no matter how long or how short it may be.


If one were to look inside an Avanza, what they’ll find is an absolute treasure. This is because this car is equipped with an entertainment modem that enables Auxiliary and USB connectivity, as well as CD playing. Also, that same modem can blare out good music in your car with the use of its speakers, all on the front portion of your car!


Another thing to note in regards the Avanza’s interior is the amount of space it provides, with the capacity to seat at least 5 people comfortably with the help of its air conditioning. Not only that, but this car also comes with power windows for the front and rear, a heating system, adjustable seats that also cater to height, and an outlet for various accessories to be plugged in.


Mitsubishi Adventure


If anyone started driving in the mid-2000s, this car was one of the many vehicles that entered your lines of desire. Seventeen years later, this car remains as one of Mitsubishi’s big guns; and it’s no surprise considering its classic aesthetic remains the same.


This AUV comes equipped with its own entertainment modem, which enables an option to connect via Auxiliary and USB input, as well as FM/AM radio. Also, like its competitor, it has the capacity to seat at least 5 people, with the comforts of air conditioning, adjustable seats, and heating. Aside from these, it also has power windows in the front and rear portions.





While the previous round was a heated one, this next one should provide the same intensity you’ve witnessed. As mentioned before, even though the inside really counts the most, there’s nothing more visually aesthetic than the exterior.


Mitsubishi Adventure


While this car may seem massive in terms of space, its appearance on the outside is what really stands out. Its iconic appearance is what really draws anyone loyal to the brand, especially its classic roof rails and wheel covers, both of which ensure your car’s convenience and protection.


Other exterior aspects to note are the fog lights at the front for maximum visibility, manually adjustable rear-view windows, a power antenna, adjustable headlights, and a remote fuel lid opener. With all of these in store for your Adventure, you’ll have nothing to worry about in the long run.


Toyota Avanza


This car has showcased its fair share of surprises in the previous round. In this round, its surprises are just going to keep on coming. Like its adversary, the Avanza is not going to go down without a fight.


This car comes equipped with manually adjustable rear-view mirrors, wheel covers, a power antenna, an outside rear-view mirror turn indicator, a chrome grille and garnish, a remote fuel lid opener, and headlights that can be adjusted to fit anyone’s convenience.

Also, like other cars, both the Avanza and the Adventure can come in different color schemes that fit your standards. Whatever color you choose, there’s no doubt that it will give your car the spotlight.



Engine Performance


If one were to talk about cars in general, everyone would agree when someone says that the engine performance is where it really counts. After all, the engine is what really makes a car worth buying. Since the Avanza and the Adventure are the highlights of this piece, let’s go ahead and discuss both of their engine performance.


First up, both of these cars’ engines come equipped with 4 cylinders each, with the Avanza having a power of 95hp while the Adventure with 74hp. Another thing to note is that both of these cars run on different fuels, with the Avanza running on Petrol and the Adventure running on Diesel. Also, when it comes to discussing overall performance, one must never disregard the fuel capacity. In this case, the Avanza is able to hold at least 55L of fuel while the Adventure is able to hold at least 45L.  


05_the verdict

The Verdict


Both of these cars have fought valiantly. However, like with the previous battles, only one victor can be named; and that one victor is none other than the Toyota Avanza!


When it comes to cruising down the streets with your family and friends, the Adventure can surely deliver. With the Avanza’s fuel capacity, long and smooth drives are sure to be a guarantee.


So, if you’re looking for the car that fits with your standards in convenience, then the Avanza is definitely for you. With its various advancements in its arsenal, every drive you take is definitely going to be thrilling and relaxing.

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