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Modifications To Improve The Performance Of Your Car

September 2nd, 2019


What are ways to modify a car’s performance?


  1. Install cold air intake
  2. Tire upgrade
  3. Install a performance chipset
  4. Invest in a forced induction system

If you’re all about increasing your car’s performance, whether to upgrade the tires or improve horsepower and torque, the Toyota Racing Development (TRD) products can be used in Toyota Innovas in the Philippines. Products include all car parts from the wheels and the brakes to the engine and its air intake.


Install Cold Air Intake


An intake system allows your car’s internal combustion engine to breathe. Installing cold air intake is designed to seal off the engine bay from the filter area and enable cooler air to flow into the engine for combustion. Cooler air contains more oxygen molecules necessary for the engine combustion process. To bring more power into the combustion chamber there is a need for a substantial amount of cooler air.


Calculated to be a relatively small investment, the cold air intake system installation provides cars with a boost in horsepower. In addition to that, a cold air intake system aids in making your car more fuel-efficient by letting cold air flow freely through the engine.

Installing cold air intake is probably the cheapest and easiest way to increase your car’s horsepower without doing damage to its original engineering.


Tire Upgrade

Tire Upgrade

In designing the four tires of a car, manufacturers carefully work on the combination of tire grip and wear, road feel, ride quality as well as noise control. The tire upgrade can harness the car engine’s power. This allows the brakes to do their job and determines how the car will successfully go around a corner. In choosing a tire upgrade, it’s important to note that bigger is not always better.


There are two ways to increase your car tire’s contact patch – either to make it longer or wider. Consider the purpose of your car, as well as its weight and stability. This should be done before an upgrade. A longer patch requires an increase in the tire’s overall diameter. In this case, most passenger cars experience engine slowdown at any given speed due to the enlarged radius of the overall tire.


For the most part, it’s much better to upgrade to wider tires. Wide tires are considered to be an industry standard. The best option is to add an inch wider rim to allow a wider tire to be mounted. Wider tires mean enhanced traction on acceleration, more grip in case of a hard break, more low-profile appearance and less car roll in the corner turns.



Install a Performance Chipset


The performance chipset is a chip that is installed to your car’s engine to primarily give it enhanced performance in terms of increased power and torque. The performance chipset also gives you more control over your car, a smoother ride and improved miles per gallon. As horsepower and torque output increases, your car’s air/fuel ratio runs leaner. A performance chipset does not cause any damage to your car’s engine or transmission. This prevents engine damage due to incidental premature combustion.


There are several ways you can go about installing a performance chipset in your car. Presumably, the easiest and fastest way to install the chip is directly into your dashboard. The ECU box can be accessed through the glove compartment. Simply replace the stock chip with the upgraded chip. A more complex upgrade is done through the modification of the ECU box and engine.


Invest in a Forced Induction System

Invest in a Forced Induction System

Induction is the process of feeding air into the engine so that the combustion process can take place. An engine can only pack in a substantial air-fuel mixture to help it generate its power. Turbochargers are a type of forced induction system. A turbocharged engine produces more overall power by recycling exhaust gases and feeding it back into the intake system.


Using a bigger engine draws more power but a forced induction system can help cheat it by forcing more air into the cylinders. Thus, helping it burn more fuel and generate more rated horsepower.


Key Takeaway


In modifying car parts, especially when it deals with the engine and the tires, it is important to note that modesty is the best policy. Going overboard can make or break the functionality of the car. In this case, it is preferable to ask for professional assistance from car manufacturers like Toyota Innova Philippines.

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