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3 Signs That You Have Broken Radiator

January 12th, 2021


What are the signs that you have a broken radiator?

  1. Overheating vehicle
  2. The coolant is leaking
  3. Coolant discoloration


The radiator’s primary function is to be the coolant system of your car and keep your engine from overheating. This procedure is done by transferring heat from the engine to the fans, which then dissipates into the air. It is one of the most important components of any vehicle. For this reason, you might want to spot the signs that you have a broken radiator.

Identifying a faulty radiator is something most drivers overlook. If you are not a professional mechanic, this vehicle part might seem daunting to work with. However, like every part of your car, the radiator needs to be maintained to make sure that it performs efficiently.

Do not postpone repairing your radiator because overheating increases the wear and tear of other parts which will negatively impact the vehicle’s overall performance. Read on to learn more about the tell-tale signs of a broken radiator.


Overheating Vehicle

Overheating Vehicle

As stated earlier, the radiator acts as a coolant system to keep the vehicle from overheating. Hence, the most common sign that your radiator is broken is if it keeps overheating, especially under normal driving conditions.

When the vehicle overheats, you must immediately turn off the air conditioner and pull over to reduce stress on the engine. Check if the engine has enough coolant inside. The solution can be as simple as changing the coolant, which is a liquid substance that regulates your engine thermostat.


The Coolant Is Leaking

Another tell-tale sign that your radiator has a problem is when you see the coolant leaking out of the vehicle. This will appear as green, bright yellow, or red liquid pooling under your vehicle while it is parked.

Leaks may come from a hose or from the radiator itself. A pressure test will determine where the leak source is. Given that the coolant is responsible for lowering the temperature of your car’s engine, this is a problem that should be addressed immediately.

Leaking coolants can be the result of corrosion on the radiator tubes. It does not only cause your engine to heat up much faster and compromise engine performance, but it also poses a health hazard. Consider replacing it to prevent the problem from occurring once more.


Coolant Discoloration

Auto mechanic working check system water and battery fill an old

Along with leaking coolant, a sign of a broken radiator would be if the coolant is discolored. The coolant should be bright yellow, green, or red in color. However, if it appears to turn into a rusty or oil color, contaminants may be building up in the radiator.

This can mean that fluids and oil are leaking into the radiator and compromising the coolant. In the end, the radiator will not be able to cool your engine down properly, making it overheat faster.


Key Takeaway

Just like every other vehicle part, car radiators can also experience a significant amount of wear and tear. It would be best to know about the signs that you have a broken radiator to avoid negatively affecting engine performance.

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