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Best Music Genres to Listen to While Driving

June 14th, 2017


Music Genres on the Road TOYOTA

Driving can either be very enjoyable or extremely frustrating; sometimes, it’s both. Obviously one of the biggest factors that decides this is the car model you’re driving. Cruising down the streets of the Philippines in a Toyota Vios doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Another factor is the amount of traffic and how you deal with it. Whether the road is clear or you’re stuck for over an hour, listening to music you like is always a fun time. Here are the best music genres to listen to for a more pleasant driving experience.



Pop music is common (ergo, popular) because most of it is easy to listen to. With its upbeat rhythms and catchy lyrics, pop music is easy to remember it’s memorable and can be heard literally everywhere. Even if you initially hate a song, it’s likely you’ll find yourself singing along at some point. With that being said, pop music is a great genre to listen to while driving because it keeps the energy up and steady. Pop music gives you that positive vibe while driving, which can distract you from the stress of traffic and long drives.

Singing in Car 2 TOYOTA

Classic and Alternative Rock

If you want to feel pumped up and hyper during your drive, listening to classic and alternative rock is the way to go. Classic rock tunes like Sweet Home Alabama, Born to Be Wild, and We Will Rock You will get you psyched. Suggested alternative rock songs include Mr. Brightside, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and Clocks. Yelling the lyrics and bobbing your head emphatically can also help release tension without turning to road rage.

Get Psyched Mix TOYOTA

Classical Music

If you want a calmer atmosphere while you drive, put on some classical music. With its relaxing blend of strings, winds, brass, and percussion, classical music offers beautifully crafted and pleasant sounds that allow you to become deep in thought. Other than large orchestral arrangements, you can also look for some string and wind performances if those are what tickles your fancy.

Jamming in Car TOYOTA



Another genre that is fit for pleasant and scenic drives, country music offers a great selection of songs to choose from. With its down-to-earth charm, acoustic guitars, and charming melodies, country music is a genre that would be best when driving in the vast countryside.

Singing in Car TOYOTA

House Music

Another loud and upbeat genre fit for your driving experience, house music offers pumping beats and awesome choruses. House music is great for times when you just want to dance and let loose, even if it is inside a car that barely moves due to traffic.

Girl Dancing in Car TOYOTA


Singalong Tunes

Not a lot of people will admit it, but singing along to catchy show tunes like Seasons of Love from Rent is quite therapeutic. Belting along to songs by Christina Aguilera or Alicia Keys has the same effect, provided you don’t shatter your own eardrums and lose your voice in the process. If you’re a closet singer, singing in the car is a greater alternative to singing in the shower as there will be actual music, no one can hear you, and you’re passing otherwise unproductive time in the process.

Singing in Car 2 TOYOTA



Finding the right kind of music to enhance your driving experience takes trial and error. You’ll find that there are song choices that you normally enjoy, but aren’t quite the best to listen to in a car. But once you have found music that fits your groove, your driving trips should become a more fun and exciting experience.



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