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Important Car Battery Maintenance Tips to Make Them Last Longer

December 2nd, 2019


What are some maintenance tips to make car batteries last longer?

  1. Clean up your battery
  2. Switch your car’s electronics off
  3. Secure your car battery
  4. Drive your car daily


Next to your engine, your car battery is one of the primary parts that power up your vehicle. If the engine is in charge of running all of the mechanical parts that allow you to drive your car, the battery is the one that starts your vehicle in the first place. It also powers up all of the other electronic components like your lights, audio equipment, and your locks and windows.

Car batteries are essential in keeping your car running, which is why it is important to provide it with proper maintenance and care to expand their lifespan. While car batteries are designed to last for a long period of time, wear and tear can shorten its lifespan and cause malfunctions that can affect your car’s performance.

To prevent this from happening to you, here are some handy and effective car battery maintenance tips that will help them last longer.


Keep your battery clean

One of the simplest ways that you can improve the lifespan of your car battery is by regularly cleaning it. Like every part of your car, cleaning your car battery keeps it free from any form of dirt, oils, residue, grease, or rust that might be present.

A dirty car battery has a harder time providing the necessary power to keep your car running. It also wears down much faster. By keeping your car battery free from dirt and residue, you can make sure it can power up your car for a longer period of time.


Switch all electronics off

car ignition button

When shutting down your car, always make sure everything is turned off to prevent your car battery from getting drained. One of the most common mistakes that many car owners make is forgetting to turn everything off completely before leaving their vehicles. This can cause your car’s battery to drain power, which can end up with your vehicle not starting at all. Always double-check your car before leaving to see if there are any lights or electronics that you need to turn off.


Secure and position your battery

Your car’s battery is positioned just near your engine, providing a secure location for it to rest while driving. It is important to make sure you keep your battery secure in this location to prevent it from moving around and causing more issues. A battery left loose under the hood can cause damage to the car’s engine and other components, and affect its ability to power up your vehicle. Always take a look at the clamps of your car battery, and adjust it to prevent it from moving around while driving.


Drive daily

Car ride on road in sunny weather, motion blur

One of the best ways that you can maintain the lifespan of your car battery is by making sure you get to drive your car every day. It is important to keep your car battery running on a daily basis, as keeping it idle after a long period of time can cause it to lose power and shorten its lifespan. To keep your car battery in great shape, drive your car for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour every day to keep it running properly.


Key Takeaway

Car batteries are important components that power your car up, which is why it is best to take good care of it to make sure that you can keep driving. By following these handy maintenance tips, you would be able to make them last longer and keep them in the best condition.

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