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Car Interior Customization for Toyota Wigos in the Philippines

May 22nd, 2018


What are some fun and easy to pull-off car interior customization ideas?

  1. Custom floor mats.
  2. Steering wheel covers.
  3. Custom sun visors.
  4. Custom seat covers.
  5. Upgraded sound system.


The Toyota Wigos here in the Philippines is arguably one of the most reliable and convenient compact cars in the country. This wonderful vehicle is perfectly fit for a wide and diverse range in demographics. What makes the Wigo so appealing is that the standard yet suave interiors of the car exhibit a certain capacity for you to fill and accessorize.

When it comes to customizing your Wigo, the first and arguably most important aspect to consider is your lifestyle. Depending on the frequency and nature for which you drive your Wigo, you have to make sure to customize and develop accordingly.

Below are 5 basic tips to help you get started with redesigning your Toyota Wigo’s interior:


Placing custom floor mats

With the many car accessory shops and extensive hardware stores, you can pretty much get your hands on a floor mat with whatever design you have in mind. Whether it’s your favorite sports team or your favorite superhero or even just a simple yet eye-catching design pattern, many of these designs are ready and available in the multitudes of auto shops around the country.


Putting on steering wheel covers

Another cool and striking yet simple customization tip is to add a steering wheel cover that perfectly speaks to your style and necessities as a driver. Steering wheel covers are not just awesome to look at; they also come with a wide range of benefits. The enhanced grip and breathability that steering wheel covers can provide are comfortable, practical, and protective.


Adding custom sun visors

There are many websites online and accessory shops that are able to easily craft custom sun visors that can easily fit the specifications of your Wigo. Sun visors are definitely fun as well as practical for the safety and convenience of the driver and all the potential passengers. If you are into camo design patterns, there are many stock accessory camo products that are easy for anybody to get their hands on.

car seats2

Getting custom seat covers

Many stores and websites sell universal seat covers as well as custom-crafted seat covers that can easily be tailored to fit your Wigo. On a more pragmatic note, it is also better to go with custom seat covers because universal seat covers, often times, fail to fit your Wigo’s actual seats.

car sounds

Installing a highly-advanced and upgraded sound system

One of the best things when it comes to driving or simply being a passenger is getting to cruise around to music. One of the most general points in terms of general car upgrades is investing on a high-quality and top-of-the-line stereo and sound system. It is all simply a matter of what specifications fit your playing standards.


Key Takeaway

When it comes to custom car parts and accessories, there is definitely no shortage in the many outlets here in the Philippines. The Toyota Wigo is a magnificent compact automobile with a sleek interior that can be dressed up in many ways, all in accordance with your taste and overall sense of style.

BONUS: Add a mini fridge that fits perfectly to give your Wigo an extra stylistic and literal cool factor.

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