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How To Maintain Your Car During COVID-19

July 1st, 2020


How can you maintain your car at home?


  1. Test Your Car Coolant
  2. Clean Your Headlights
  3. Clean Corroded Terminals
  4. Air Filter Check


Even if you’re staying at home, it’s important to keep your car maintained. Even if you’re not a car professional, basic car maintenance will help extend its life and keep it out of the car shop. However, car maintenance during COVID-19 is quite different as you may not have access to your typical supplies. You can still maintain your car properly even if you have limited resources. You may have the necessary items for car maintenance at home already. Here’s how you can make use of your extra time to maintain your car.


Test Your Car Coolant

At home, you might already have a voltmeter on hand. This is a quick and easy way to test your coolant without going to the car shop. To start, you need to set the digital voltmeter on the lowest dc setting for reading the coolant. The next step is to dip the positive probe into the coolant. Grab the negative probe and touch the negative battery terminal. Have someone rev the engine and check the reading. If the voltage reading is over .4 volts, it’s time to have the coolant replaced.


Clean Your Headlights

Clean Your Headlights

Headlights shouldn’t be dismissed as it’s an important part of your vehicle. If it happens to be cloudy, you don’t have to give it a replacement. There are headlight restoration kits available. You can opt to shop online for this or borrow some from a friendly neighbor. All you need to do is to follow the sanding and buffing instructions included. Don’t overdo the sanding and buffing as you may cause more damage as you work aggressively. Take your time and be gentle with your headlights.


Clean Corroded Terminals

Corrosion can strain your charging system. When the charging system is strained, your computer-controlled systems are also affected. If you want to avoid electrical problems, you can clean corroded battery terminals. Minor corrosions can be cleaned with a wire brush and a baking soda water solution. Don’t be afraid to put some elbow grease in there to thoroughly remove signs of corrosion. Make sure to dry it off with a paper towel.


Air Filter Check

Air Filter Check

Did you know that you need to replace an air filter annually or when you hit at least 12,000 miles? Mechanics may not be around in the meantime, but it can easily be done at home without any special tools. You can purchase an air filter online or at an auto shop. Open up your car and you’ll find the filter sitting under the hood. If ever you don’t see it, keep your owner’s manual handy. Open the casing and check the air filter. Make a mental note of the proper facing of the air filter. Install the new filter and close the metal clips.


Key Takeaway

Car maintenance in COVID-19 is a great way to spend some idle time. Maintenance jobs can prolong the lifespan of your car, which is even more important as your vehicle remains idle in your garage in the meantime. Don’t neglect your car and keep it maintained during the pandemic.

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