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5 Good Driving Habits That You Should Practice

September 21st, 2020


What are some good driving habits to practice?

  1. Always Keep an Eye on the Road
  2. … But Take Notice of Your Environment
  3. Use Your Steering Wheel
  4. Pre-Drive Routine
  5. Defensive Driving

Being able to drive is good and all. But knowing how to properly drive is what you need to survive in the streets. With that in mind, you must always think of these good driving habits that you should practice every day.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just be good at driving. You have to have these habits that will not only ensure that you have a smooth ride but also keep you as safe as possible throughout your journey! Take a look at the top driving habits that we believe should always be practiced!

Always Keep an Eye on the Road

This is the most important thing that every driver should do while driving. You must keep looking at the road. The moment a driver takes their eyes away from the road, everyone in the vehicle becomes vulnerable to accidents!

A good driver will never look at anything other than the road while driving even if the road is as clear as day. You will never know when something will just come out of nowhere. A car in front of you might suddenly hit the brakes, or a person might suddenly cross the road.

Unplanned things like these need to be taken into consideration while driving—which means you have to be focused as to not get surprised if anything bad happens.

…But Take Notice of Your Environment

It is a common rule, however, that even as you focus on the road, you should also be mindful of your surroundings. Take a look at the side view and rearview mirrors so that you know anything that might be too close to your car from all angles.

This is incredibly important in the Philippines where places with heavy traffic will almost always mean there will be cars that would try to force their way into different lanes. And if you’re not looking you may end up in a small accident that isn’t even your fault!

To do this, you should take glimpses of your mirrors while you focus in front. You should also bear in mind that because of how the mirrors work, their reflections can be a bit tricky to understand. The important thing to remember is just that if another vehicle gets too close, you have to be prepared.

Use Your Steering Wheel

Most drivers do not understand all the buttons and levers that are found near the steering wheel. Most of them are used to help out the driver in very specific situations.

The turn indicators are probably the most important component here because as it’s named, they indicate whenever you plan to turn left or right. This is a crucial step for whenever a car decides to turn corners. This would signal the cars behind you to slow down and change lanes because you will be careful in turning.

You can also use the horn to warn those in front of your car or pedestrians that you are coming through.

Pre-Drive Routine

Some of the best driving habits happen before you even start the car. Having a pre-drive routine to check if you and your car are safe to travel should be something you naturally do.

For example, before entering, check the outside of your car for possible indentions or scratches that weren’t there before. This can help you identify whether or not someone has accidentally graced it while parked.

Once you enter your car, check the brakes before starting it. once it’s on, check the light indicators for any troubles. Make sure you wear your seatbelt and fix your mirrors if they seem to be off. Lastly, make sure that every passenger you have is also safely secured and wearing a seatbelt.

Defensive Driving

Many people prefer to be very aggressive with their driving. They pass by cars at high speeds just because they can, and they cut lanes all day because it has more space. That is not a very good way to drive. In fact, you should be doing the total opposite which is usually called defensive driving.

Defensive driving is when you prioritize safety above all. That means you don’t go too fast, you don’t switch lanes a lot, and you never aggressively force your way into other lanes. Defensive driving is done when you let others go ahead or you wait for others to let you pass in intersections. It’s relatively slower, but it does ensure the safety of you and your passengers for your whole trip!

Key Takeaway

These are the 5 good driving habits that you should practice in order to be a reliable and safe driver. With these in mind, going through the city or the province will be a piece of cake for you. always keep them in mind when you go on your next trip!

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