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How to Keep Your Cars Cool Under the Blazing Sun

June 20th, 2019


How can you keep your car cool under the blazing sun?

  1. Park in A Shaded Area
  2. Invest in a Sunshade
  3. Use A Dash Cover
  4. Place Towels On Top of Your Seats
  5. Let The Heat Out Before Driving Again

Have you ever entered your car on a hot summer’s day just to be burned by every part that you touch? Well, there are some ways to keep your Toyota Altis in the Philippines cool even while it stays parked out in the open. These necessary precautions can not only protect your hands from scalding but can also help prevent the car’s parts from cracking due to the extreme heat. Read on to learn more about tips to keep your car’s cool under the blazing sun.

Park in A Shaded Area

Park in A Shaded Area

The first way that your car can keep it’s cool is by not letting it heat up in the first place. Take your time to find the most shaded parking spot in order to better protect your vehicle from the blazing sun. If the area has one, choose a parking garage to keep your car safe from the intense heat. If you have no other choice but to park in an open area, then it would be for the best to invest in certain protective barriers.

Invest in a Sunshade

Invest in two types of sun shades: one for your windshield and one for your rear window. This can help prevent the sun’s rays from entering your vehicle and heating the interior up. Do not forget that the reflective part should be facing outside in order for it to bounce the light off of your car. Besides a sunshade, you can better protect your dashboard by investing in a dash cover.

Use A Dash Cover

Use A Dash Cover

Your dashboard is made from a material called vinyl. These pieces are incredibly sturdy, but they can also crack and break due to extreme heat. In order to protect them, you can choose to invest in a dash cover. Dash covers come in a number of designs that you can choose from to find the one that can fit your car model the best. Besides your dashboard, you can also protect other parts of your car by simply putting towels in the respective areas.

Place Towels On Top of Your Seats

Place a towel on top of your steering wheel before exiting in order to protect your hands from the heat once you get back in again. Place towels on your seats as well to be able to sit down without scalding your entire back. Besides taking these precautions to protect your car interior, there are also certain tricks that you can do to let your car cool down before driving off.

Let The Heat Out Before Driving Again

Let The Heat Out Before Driving Again

Before you start driving again, there are some simple steps you can do to ensure that your car has cooled down enough to be driven. First, leave your car doors open for a bit to let the heat out. Once your seats and your steering wheel have cooled down enough, you can enter your car. Next, after turning on the engine, let your aircon run for a few minutes with your windows down in order to let the heat escape the car. After the hot air has escaped, you can roll your windows back up and be off with your day.

These are just some of the steps you can take in order to keep your car cool under the blazing sun.

Key Takeaway

There is no need to be burned by your parked Toyota Altis in the Philippines when you follow these steps. Keep yourself safe from the pain of hot car parts by covering them up with the appropriate materials. Invest in these special covers in order to protect not only yourself but your vehicle as well. Or choose something better, prevent your vehicle from heating up at all by taking the time to find the most shaded parking spot.

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