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Car Wars: Toyota Vios vs. Honda City


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Travelling, or cruising down the road for a drive, doesn’t have to take a lot of effort to do. In fact, simplicity is one of the best ways to play the game.


Think of it this way, no matter what a car – such as the Toyota Vios – may look like and no matter how many upgrades it can receive, its nature remains the same. It is still a four-wheel agent of leisure, speed, and utmost convenience in transportation. With a variety of these vehicles to come across and choose, what exactly makes a vehicle with simple aesthetic stand out among the rest?


In order to find out the verdict of this notion, it’s time to set up the arena once again for another installment of Car Wars! This battle will be unlike any other as not only will it be featuring two of the best automobiles in the industry, but it will also host a competition that will focus on not just the flashy gadgets and gizmos, but the simple aesthetics as well.


With that said, enter this installment’s competition: the Toyota Vios and the Honda City. While both of these cars may be small in size compared to the previous vehicles featured in this segment, they definitely have something to show for; and while both also have the potential of winning this battle, only one can emerge as the true victor!


Without further ado, it’s time for this battle to commence! For the first round: The Battle of the Interiors.


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When it comes to finding the suitable vehicle for you, it’s what’s inside that really makes it worthwhile. The feelings of comfort and convenience is where it’s really at in this round, not to mention the numerous features both of these cars come equipped with.


Toyota Vios

This car model is a common sight around the Metro. In fact, many taxis are sporting this vehicle because it is highly reliable on the country’s roads. Many private owners also like to drive this because of the many perks they can get from its interior. Here are some of them:


  • Entertainment Modem

First of all, like all cars that come and go, this car comes with its own entertainment modem that stays true to its name; it can entertain you on the road, especially during traffic jams!


The modem comes with its own USB/auxiliary input, CD player, and speakers that are sure to blast tunes, when you feel like it.


  • Comfort and Convenience

This factor has been emphasized in numerous discussions about cars; but nonetheless, this has remained a key component in choosing the right car.


In the case of the Vios, it comes equipped with a powerful air conditioning system, power windows in both the front and rear of the car, a heater in case it gets chilly, adjustable seats that can also cater to height, an accessory power outlet, power steering, a remote trunk opener, a low-fuel warning light, cup and bottle holders, trunk lights, and an on-board computer.


With these things in your arsenal, there’s no doubt that you’ll be driving hassle-free.


Honda City

What makes this a great competitor to the Vios, you ask? Well, Honda City has a lot of features that is unique from other vehicles. Here are some examples:


  • Entertainment Modem

Honda City comes with a modem of its own, with a few added features that really differentiates it from the Vios. For instance, its modem allows for Bluetooth connectivity as well as an input for USB/auxiliary gadgets, front and rear speakers, Integrated 2DIN audio, and the option to control the modem via voice command.


  • Comfort and Convenience

In the Honda City’s case when it comes to this factor, it comes equipped with its own amenities that will truly provide any driver and passenger the comfort they deserve on the road. For instance, it comes equipped with a powerful air-conditioning system, power windows in the front and rear of the car, a heater for those chilly situations, rear A/C vents, adjustable seats that also cater to height, an accessory power outlet, power steering, a remote trunk opener, a low-fuel warning light, a rear reading lamp, cup and bottle holders, the option for keyless entry, cruise control, and – much like the Vios – an on-board computer.


These factors are just the tip of the iceberg as the real deciding match between these two vehicles is on its way. With that said, it’s time to move on to the next round: The Battle of the Exteriors!


Car Wars Toyota Vios vs Honda City-2


While the inside of a car may be a deciding factor for any purchase, there’s no denying that what’s on the outside can truly captivate as well. Besides, the exterior of a car is the first thing one sees upon the initial look.


Honda City

For a competitor against the Toyota Vios, it has certainly shown true promise in the previous round. It came equipped with all the right stuff and is definitely ready to take this round by storm.


For instance, driving at night can be dangerous, especially when you can’t see where you’re going. But with built-in fog lights and adjustable headlights, you won’t have to worry about your view’s obstruction anytime soon.


Another thing that makes the vehicle stand out is that it also comes with a defogger for the rear windows, as well as wheel covers, an integrated antenna, and an outside rear view mirror turn indicator. With its features in store, safety is certainly guaranteed.


Toyota Vios

Based on the perception of numerous car enthusiasts, it can be said that the Vios’ exterior really stands out among others. Not only does it come equipped with the same features its competitor has (save for the fog lights), it also comes with a remote fuel lid opener, which really makes those refueling situations more convenient.


Also, like other cars, both the Vios and the City come in numerous color schemes; but the one thing that makes these cars into what they are today is the numerous options for any customization you wish to have.


Now that this round has concluded, it’s safe to say that the verdict is nearing its approach. Without further ado, here comes the final round: The Battle of the Engines.


Car Wars Toyota Vios vs Honda City-3


This round has proven to be the deciding factor in all previous and present car wars. When one looks for a car that suits their standards, it’s not just the flashy stuff that both the interior and exterior show, but the one thing that keeps the car running as a whole: the engine. With the engine’s performance being the top priority in all existing automobiles, this round is where the true victor will emerge.


Both of them come equipped with a 5-speed gearbox and 4-valves per cylinder engine. They do have a difference in their fuel supply systems and valve configurations. Toyota Vios comes equipped with a DOHC engine, which enables it to hold at least 42L of petrol and gives it 98hp. Honda City, on the other hand, is equipped with a SOHC engine, which enables it to hold at least 40L of petrol and gives it 118hp.


There is no question that speed is a huge factor, when inspecting a vehicle’s engine. However, one shouldn’t forget that fuel efficiency is also a significant value to obtain in a car. With that being said, it’s now time for the verdict.


Car Wars Toyota Vios vs Honda City-4

The Verdict

It may have been a close match between these two, but ultimately, a victor has been decided; and that victor is none other than the Toyota Vios!


While Honda City may have been a fierce competitor, the deciding factor was the matter of fuel efficiency and mileage, both of which were met by none other than the Toyota Vios.


The battle has therefore concluded! If you’re looking for simplicity at its best, then Toyota Vios is definitely the car for you!

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