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10 Best Games to Play in the Car

September 15th, 2017


What are the best car games to play?

1.    21 Questions

2.    While You Were Sleeping

3.    The Singing Game

4.    I Spy

5.    The Quiet Game

6.    The Name Game

7.    Spot the Car

8.    The Alphabet Game

9.    Battle of the Bands

10. The Counting Game


Being on the road can be a lot of fun, but then if the trip is too long it can get a bit boring or exhausting. Imagine driving your Toyota Wigo in the Philippines to somewhere far and remote! The travel time can be a bit long, which makes driving itself a pain at times.

Luckily, there are numerous ways to keep yourself and the passengers entertained (and the driver awake), mainly through the joy of car games. If you’re wondering what games to play on the road, here are a few that you and your passengers might want to try.

21 Questions

The 21 questions game can definitely lighten up the mood in your car. One person will think of a thing, and the goal of the others is to ask leading questions to guess what it is. These are limited to Yes or No questions, making the game more intriguing with every question.

While You Were Sleeping… 

If you feel like playing a little prank on a passenger, then this game is definitely for you. First, wait until one of the passengers falls asleep. Then, the rest of you fabricate a story that might have happened while that passenger was sleeping. Once the sleeping passenger wakes up, each of you take turns in telling the fabricated story, adding some twists and turns along the way. If your passenger believes the story told to them, then the game ends. The game also ends of one of you breaks out of character in the middle of telling the story.

The Singing Game

If you’ve seen the film ‘Pitch Perfect’, you might remember the scene in which the characters played a game called the “Riff-off”. This is where they sing a song and other people try to connect a certain lyric to another song. 

In this game, one person starts by singing a random song, and then stopping it at a certain lyric. Depending on what the last word of the lyric was, another person must connect the word with another song. The object of the game is to keep it going for as long as possible, and ends when one person can’t come up with an appropriate song to connect.

I Spy

This is one of the most iconic car games. Start with the phrase ‘I Spy with my little eye’, followed by a description something you’ve seen outside the car. For example, “I spy with my little eye something red”. The other passengers have to guess what it is.

The Quiet Game

Though playing games is a great way to get rid of boredom while on the road, there are some people that enjoy the quiet while driving. Playing this game seems simple but can be incredibly difficult; the challenge is for everyone to remain silent for the rest of the trip, or depending on how long you’d want to keep the game going. Anyone who makes any noise loses. As you can probably tell, it’s a particularly popular game among families with kids that get too noisy.

The Name Game

If ever you find yourself on the road with a walking encyclopedia (or if you are one yourself), then this game is definitely for you. In fact, playing this game will not only entertain you, but also keep the brain juice flowing.

To start the game, one person says the name of someone famous; then, depending the first letter of the previous last name, the next person has to say another name starting with that first letter. For example: Albert Einstein, Elijah Wood, Wanda Sykes, Samuel L. Jackson, and so forth.

Spot the Car

Unless you’re really lucky, chances are you come across plenty of cars while on the road. This game utilizes those other cars and is similar to ‘I spy’. All you need to do is describe a certain car (within sight) and the players have to find it. The descriptions for these cars can be anything from its color or something that seems hilarious such as a car with a “Gas or Ass” bumper sticker. The first one to spot the car that matches your description wins the game.

The Alphabet Game

Things in order are great in all forms, especially when it comes to them being arranged in alphabetical order, which in turn makes this game a joy to play. In this game, you and the passengers must be able to say what you see outside of the car in alphabetical order as you drive. For instance, you see an ambulance, then a billboard, then a car, then a Dairy Queen outlet, and so forth. If ever you make it to Z, congratulations you win!

Battle of the Bands

For all music fanatics out there, this car game is for you! To start, decide on a theme or genre; then, one of you starts singing a song based on that theme. For example, someone chooses songs about ‘cities’, which makes the songs “Sweet Home Alabama” or “New York State of Mind” suitable. The first person unable to think of a relevant song loses.

The Counting Game 

One person starts to count from one; then, all the other passengers take turns in saying a random number. Whoever says the same number as was previously said by another player loses.


The next time you go on a road trip, you might want to consider printing out this article so you don’t run out of ideas. Always remember that while it might be fun to play games, it’s important not to distract the driver too much and for him/her to keep safety as their main focus. Good luck, and have a safe trip!

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