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Why is a Car Oil Change Important?

December 26th, 2019


Why is a car oil change important?

  1. It Maintain’s Engine Lubrication
  2. It Cools Down Engine Components
  3. It Makes Sure That Your Engine Is Clean
  4. It Can Give You Better Mileage
  5. It Can Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Vehicle


Car experts know the importance of a car oil change. If you’re not an expert, you should have a routine when changing your oil. It’s important for the maintenance and lifespan of your car. Your car’s engine moves constantly and each part needs proper lubrication to ensure that it moves properly. You could potentially run into problems on the road if you fail to change your car’s oil. Don’t make that mistake. Changing your car’s oil is very important.


It Maintain’s Engine Lubrication

Motor oil pouring to car engine.

Proactively changing your car’s oil will help your car function at its best. Along the line, you can prevent expensive car repairs. Each part of your car moves under the hood and these create heat. If not properly lubricated, this can wear down significantly. It’s similar to the human body — if your joints are not properly lubricated through the proper diet and habits, it can wear down and cause you pain. Care for your car by providing enough lubrication and a regular oil change.


It Cools Down Engine Components

Moving parts without the proper lubrication can still run but they will produce excess friction. Friction then produces heat which is bad for your car. Too much heat can cause your car to overheat. To keep your car at optimal temperatures at all times, good quality car oil can prevent friction and prevent overheating. Be sure to ask your mechanic which one works best for your car model.


It Makes Sure That Your Engine Is Clean

It’s natural for your car to accumulate corrosion and dirt. But too much of these particles can wear down your car significantly. Another component that can accumulate is old oil. This creates a thick and coagulated substance that will make your car run badly. What you should do to keep it clean is to change your oil. When you see that sludge, take it to the mechanic or take some time off the weekend to change your car’s oil. You will find that it runs cleaner and better.


It Can Give You Better Mileage

Car mechanic fills a fresh lubricant engine oil

If you haven’t changed your oil in a while, you may notice that you’re using a lot of fuel. This can be more than the usual. You can always check your bills but a good way to check your problem immediately is to check your car’s oil. You can get an improvement of 1%-2% in your gas consumption. It seems like a small number, but accumulating this number every month can save you a lot of money spent on fuel.


It Can Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Vehicle

As part of your car’s maintenance, changing your oil is an essential component of it. If you’re not changing your oil during maintenance, especially if the oil is old, your trip to the local mechanic is not fully utilized. Any build-up of dirty oil can dampen the power of your car and increase your fuel consumption, which was briefly touched on above. This can make your engine work too hard and can cause it to deteriorate faster. It’s easy to get repairs but saving extra on your expenses is much better. When you properly maintain all aspects of your car, especially your oil, it can prolong the lifespan.


Key Takeaway

Get a car oil change now if you haven’t already. This is an essential part of your car maintenance that you shouldn’t miss out on. You don’t need to be an expert to know the importance of this. So grab your keys and head over to your mechanic and change your car oil today!

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