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6 Car Warning Lights and What They Mean

November 9th, 2020


What are the car warning lights that everybody should be aware of?

  1. Adaptive Headlights
  2. Anti-Lock Brake System
  3. Brake Lights
  4. Emission Control
  5. Electronic Stability
  6. Engine Oil Level

There are a lot of lights and symbols on the dashboard of your car. However, a lot of drivers nowadays, know only the very basics, which is why most of the lights are just plain symbols to them or generic signs that something is wrong.

Most people would just know the very basics. The fuel, the ignition, and the battery lights. The problem is, there are many car warning lights in every vehicle. And a number of them are found in every single car.

In this article, we detail 6 of the most common warning lights that can be found in every vehicle and what they mean so that you know what to do when you see them suddenly light up!

Adaptive Headlights

Aim and Adjust Headlights

There’s nothing more forgotten than the functionalities that your headlights have. People would just turn them on when it gets dark and turn them off when it’s bright. It’s automatic for some. Nowadays, however, most cars have this adaptive headlight system where when you make a turn, your headlights move to face the direction where you’re turning.

It’s a very subtle change that would honestly feel convenient when driving in the dark.

When this light is on, the one with four horizontally diagonal lights next to a D with an arrow pointed to the right, means that the system, if your car has one, is no longer working.

Anti-Lock Brake System

The light that shows the letters ABS encircled signify a problem with your anti-lock brake system. This prevents your car from skidding whenever you hit the brakes. You do not want your car skidding. Not only will it be bad for your brake pads, but it’s just not the kind of way you want your car to be braking.

If this light is on, that means there is a problem with your braking system. That means, it’s not just the brakes, but the whole system that might have a problem. Whenever you see this lit, be sure to have it looked at by a technician right away.

Brake Lights

Car tail light

Signified by an encircled light bulb with an X mark, this means that your brake lights have burnt out. Meaning the red lights behind your vehicle that light up when you step on the brakes don’t light up.

Be sure to have this replaced as soon as possible so that you won’t get pulled over. Aside from that, this is very dangerous to be kept in the dark. The brake lights are there for a reason. And if the car behind you doesn’t realize that you’re stepping on the brakes because you don’t have the lights on, it can lead to some accidents.

Emissions Control

This light is more commonly known as the “Check Engine” Light. It is symbolized by what looks to be an engine. It’s one of the more generic car warning lights because it could mean a plethora of different problems.

These problems can be because of a bad oxygen sensor, something with engine compression, or something very specific like a leak in the tubes.

If at first glance you cannot identify the problem with your engine, then have it checked and fixed immediately. The worst part about having an engine problem is not knowing what it is.

Electronic Stability

Sporty Car Dashboard Instruments

It might come as a surprise to some, but most of the cars nowadays have an internal computer that keeps it stable when you make turns. When this light is on, symbolized by a car with a swerving pattern below it, that means the car’s computer is no longer helping keep the car stable.

This can also be turned on if you accidentally turned off traction control. That being said, when you see this light know that it might be difficult for you to make turns. You can still drive it, but for ease and comfort, you have to bring it to the technician right away.

Engine Oil Level

This is symbolized by the oil canister. When it’s on, that means your vehicle has a problem with its oil. It may be that there is an oil leak somewhere in your car, or that you are overdue for an oil change. Whatever it is, it indicates that your car is currently operating at a less than optimal rate.

Key Takeaway

There are a bunch of lights on your dashboard. Not knowing what means what is dangerous, especially if it happens to light up in the middle of a trip. That being said, these car warning lights are in almost every vehicle out there. It is only natural that you know what each of them means.

Knowing what a warning light in a car will mean the difference between your car running optimally and the chances of you getting into a car crash. It may just be a light, but it signals that you have a problem that needs to be fixed. Keep this in mind the next time one of those lights turn on while you are driving!

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